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March 26, 2024

Hi.  The link below is to a Fox Network interview, with theoretical physicist,  Dr. Michio Kuka.


I did not upload the interview, so you will have to view it by using the link below before it is removed. some of the interesting points made by Dr Michio Kuka are quoted below.

“A quantum computer in principle can crack any known digital code.”

“Quantum computing is infinitely more powerful than digital computing.”

“The CIA, the KGB, and all intelligence agencies of the world . . . a quantum computer can crack all digital codes.” (including codes to the data bases of the intelligence agencies)

“In the near future (5 – 10 years) quantum computers will be able to crack any known digital code,” 

“The internet will be replaced by brain net”    ([no privacy of thoughts . . .!#?+!WTF!!!])


We May Have “Misunderstood the Universe,” Nobel Prize Winner Says


New James Webb Space Telescope measurements suggest that problems with Universal expansion rates may be caused by something else entirely.© Provided by Futurism

You Grow Girl

For a long time, scientists believed they understood how fast the universe is growing — but the more they learn, those theories seem to be expanding as fast as the universe itself.

Basically, the “Hubble constant” measures the speed at which the universe is expanding. The only problem? Different instruments keep providing different values for it, giving rise to what’s known as the “Hubble tension.”

It raises an interesting possibility: that, as Nobel Prize-winning physicist Adam Riess explains in a NASA blog, much of what we thought we knew about the universe may have been wrong.

“We’ve now spanned the whole range of what Hubble observed, and we can rule out a measurement error as the cause of the Hubble tension with very high confidence,” the Johns Hopkins physicist said.

Add ‘Em Up

Pointing the Webb telescope deep into the universe to try to confirm Hubble’s complicated numbers back in 2023, scientists were puzzled when the newer telescope confirmed the findings of its predecessor, deepening the discrepancy.

One possibility for the surprising reders could be stellar crowding, which occurs when space telescopes see more stars than they are able to handle, might affect expansion measurements as the light from them essentially warps their vision. Stellar dust makes this effect even stronger, but as NASA explains, the Webb should be able to cut through the noise and get more accurate imaging and distance measurements.

As Reiss speculates, there may be something greater going on than the numbers not adding up.

“With measurement errors negated,” he told NASA, “what remains is the real and exciting possibility we have misunderstood the universe.”

No kidding? . . . .

More on the dark Universe


Greetings, and happy springtime to you!

Here in the Northern hemisphere, the first day of March is the beginning of meteorological spring.  Astronomical spring begins on the vernal or spring equinox, Tuesday March 19, 2024.


264 x 16 = 4,224 = $2,120 (Gold price today) = $8,954,880

























It was either late in spring or early summer when a fellow co-worker suggested that we go to Olvera Street and have lunch. I had been to Olvera, (the birthplace of Los Angeles located about a block from the Union Station railroad depot) on my first visit to Los Angeles years earlier.  There in a small open-air eatery, we sat and watched the cook prepare some of the best tasting taquitos, tostadas, and enchiladas that I had ever eaten.


Now, years later, I think of how wonderful it would be to enjoy such a meal with one or two fine tasting Margueritas in a place like this on a warm spring or summer day.