In days gone by, I fondly recall a friend saying to another, ” If a bird had your brains, it would fly backwards.”



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[ˌnôrmələˈzāSH(ə)n, ˌnôrməˌlīˈzāSH(ə)n]

normalization (noun) · normalizations (plural noun) · normalisation (noun) · normalisations (plural noun)
  1. the process of bringing or returning something to a normal condition or state.
    “the normalization of the situation will make the area more conducive to business activities” · “he paved the way for normalization of relations between the two countries”

Maybe it is just the internet.  No. The normalization of information about many human activities on the internet has become common place,  to make some people comfortable with activities that are not normal.  

I think that I have mentioned on one of my other blog pages, that during winter months, I routinely visit two different adult web sites.   On one of the websites, a person can find all kinds of models from many different countries. I don’t think that I will ever buy cable or satellite tv ever again, and antenna tv can be just a waste of time and boring (Thank God for Jimmy Kimmel!).  So, I decide to look at naked women.  I am healthy, disease free,  and have never needed any pills to get to attention.  I don’t jack off looking at the naked women.  I am entertained by observing some of the models.  But really, what is the thrill in licking someone’s ass hole?  Last week, while surfing through the models’ rooms, I came across two different rooms where women were actually licking the anus of the other woman. I realize they do it to get viewers to tip them, but really, how low can you go for a dollar?  I don’t care how clean the person has washed their ass, it’s not normal sexual behavior.  Dogs lick their own asses.


There are people who love to say, “See, they are doing too.”    Really?  I would not want a woman to debase herself by licking my ass no matter how clean it is. [ You might not like the language but this is the brass tacks of the act, “I had that bitch licking my ass.”]  I wonder how many people aspire to be tagged an ass licker.  I don’t think the normalization of ass licking will ever happen in a sane world.



I’m watching the local news on tv this morning and “Megan Thee Stallion” has been showcased as one of the winners of a Grammy.    I wonder how many people will start referring to women as stallions as a direct result to this misinformed woman. Stallion……………..MALE horse.  Normalizing stupidity.  Or. is it just the media showcasing and promoting ignorance on her part?  Or, is she promoting something else that I will not mention?


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